About Bea


As a child, I dreamed of being a mother and a teacher, crafting makeshift classrooms from egg crates in the basement. My journey began with jobs on my parents’ farm and later as a physical education teacher, where I coached volleyball and cherished nurturing young minds.

My counseling journey wasn’t a direct path. It began with summers on my parents’ farm, where I learned the value of hard work and responsibility, collecting/washing/packing eggs and driving tractors. Later, as a physical education teacher, I found joy in coaching volleyball and fostering young talent.

Yet, it was my upbringing that propelled me towards a different calling. Raised in a time when discipline often meant harsh punishments, I vowed to break this cycle when I became a mother myself. This determination led me to parenting courses, where I discovered the transformative power of developing strategies using natural and logical consequences.

Upon entering a Master’s program in Counseling Psychology, I felt an immediate sense of belonging. It was as if I had finally found my true calling—a career dedicated to helping others navigate life’s challenges and heal from the painful scary sensations of past traumas.

In my practice today, I draw upon both personal experiences and professional training to guide clients through their emotional journeys. Whether it’s helping individuals work with their dreams and/or providing a safe space to process the sensations of their emotions, I find immense fulfillment in witnessing their growth and transformation.

Recognizing that traditional therapy isn’t for everyone, I launched Bea in Balance—a platform offering blogs, quizzes, and advice to those seeking guidance in a more accessible format. Through this endeavor, I aim to reach individuals who may not otherwise seek help and provide them with the tools they need to thrive.

My journey has been one of continual learning and growth, and through Bea in Balance, I’m committed to sharing my knowledge and supporting others on their path to emotional well-being.

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