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Best way to win at life is to let go of the outcome.

January 29, 2017 Roger Federer lifted his 18th Grand Slam

Stop MANAGING your emotions and start PROCESSING them.

Most people have the mistaken idea that emotions are to be

Mexico Part 8: Swimming in the Contaminated Lake.

We stop for lunch in Ajijic for lunch.  That’s me,

Mexico Part 7: The Tide is out on Mexico’s Largest Lake.

Next we visit the town of Chapala.  I’m informed this is

Mexico Part: 6 Yikes! We’ve missed our bus!

I was relieved to find Adrianna who spoke English.  We chatted

Mexico Part 5: Through the large metal gates to Fernandez’s ranch

  After more milling around and warnings not to take

Mexico Part: 4 Waiting for access to Vincente Fernandez’s ranch.

We’re riding along. The weather is good.  Our driver and

Mexico Part 3: Oooops. I’m on the wrong bus!

  Today, (Wednesday, July 17/13) another good day for

Mexico Part 2: Blue Jeans and Affection

The first thing I noticed when I started walking to the town