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Triangulation Part 3: Why Kids Fight.

Children fight for many reasons.  One of the major reasons

Triangulation Part 2: That’s between the Two of You

Shawna, a 30 year old woman and her father are enjoying dinner

Triangulation Part 1: Understanding Family Dynamics

Gladys hear the familiar voices.  They were getting louder and

Communication Skill 8: Reflective listening

One of the most powerful communication skills is Mirroring,

Communication Skill 7: Instant Replay

When people have a negative interaction with each other, one or

Communication Skill 6: Turn your questions into statements.

People often ask questions when they are really making

Communication Skill 5: Talk with Me not at Me

Dialogues, in which the conversation flows back and forth,

Communication Skill 4: Make the Fuzzy Clear.

Too often in conversations and interactions people assume they

Communication Skill 3: How to Handle Mixed Messages

Mixed messages cause lots of communication problems in intimate