Decision Quiz

How the Decision Quiz for Intimate Relationships was created.

The Decision Quiz evolved out of my research in which I was investigating a theory underlying a way of working with clients in Gestalt therapy called the Two Chair Technique. The technique helps clients resolve an inner conflict that is distressing to them.

To study the theory I needed a decision that people were often conflicted about. The one I chose is one I personally struggled with for many years – conflicted about remaining in or leaving a marriage.

The methodology required that I build the theory into a sort, called a Q-Sort, that people would do before and after they had therapy using the Two Chair technique.

What happened during the study surprised me. I did not expect the participants to get involved in doing the sort because it was designed to assess the theory, not to be helpful to them. What I noticed was that they became very absorbed in the sorting process. They really liked doing the sort.

When I finished my research I developed the sort further. Clients did the sort in my office and found it helpful. After exploring and experimenting with many names, I called it the Decision Quiz.

There is very little help available for people who are conflicted about their relationships yet many people are constantly questioning whether they should stay in or leave their relationship. The high divorce rate attests to that. Even if people do not separate or divorce there are times when they struggle with the decision. As well, it is normal and healthy to reorganize at the various stages of relationships and during these times people need to sort out their thoughts and feelings.

Since clients found doing the Decision Quiz helpful I wanted a way to make this available to more people. Many people do not want anyone to know they are conflicted about their relationship. Many people do not want to see a counselor or psychologist but they still would like help with their dilemma of whether to stay or leave. The Decision Quiz for Intimate Relationships online provides a self-help exercise that people can do while maintaining their privacy.

With Dr. Warren Weir, psychologist, and my son, Angus Mackay Eng., we
created the software program that you can access at

We hope you find it helpful.