Mexico Part: 6 Yikes! We’ve missed our bus!

Gloria tour guide
I was relieved to find Adrianna who spoke English.  We chatted away as we wandered back to our bus.  We discovered we were on different buses.  Gloria came along and asked me if I wanted to go with Adrianna on her bus. (I think Gloria felt shy about her English.)  I am by nature and nurture a shy person and I automatically said ‘no’.  But I thought about not having Adrianna to translate and quickly changed my mind.  It turned out that Adrianna decided to join our group.  Great?  Gloria and I are both relieved.  Gloria sent Adrianna and I into the store to wait until the rest of the group showed up.  (I still didn’t buy anything.) We welcomed the shade and the store had a circle of comfortable chairs to relax in.
We re-engaged in our conversation, finding out we have many views in common.  A short while later, Suddenly I realize  the store has become very quiet.  I look around and see no customers, only staff.  Feeling a little panic, we go looking for Gloria.  We find her, but she cannot find the others.  There are 14 on the tour, and 10 are lost.  We wait on the bus while Gloria goes back into Fernandez’s ranch.  Adrianna translates for me that the couple with us are annoyed at the waste of time. I am too.  I was surprised Gloria didn’t realize she was missing most of her group when we left the ranch. I was a tour guide for 6 years on Blackcomb Mountain at Whistler and learned to always to count heads on my tours. When I traveled in Egypt, our tour was often with other tours. Our guide always made sure we could identify him and he kept track of us.    Given there was an incident the day before at Fernandez’s ranch,  I thought she might be more vigilant of the people on her tour so another incident didn’t happen.  But with so many tours arriving at once, I can see how it could happen and it wasn’t life or death..
Finally, Gloria comes back with the others.  Apparently, no one told them it was time to go, so they didn’t. We resumed our journey. The problem was solved.  Nobody is upset. Everyone is happy. The joking and laughter continues.  This is Mexico.
With care and concern,
Dr. Bea


  1. Adriana-
    August 9, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Dear Bea: this time, you made laught and loud. People in my Department came to my office to see why I was laughing so much. Wonderful account of what happened. I enjoy reading your blog and looking forward to the next one. Thank you for taking the time to write about the trip to Chapala and Ajijic to enhance also my memory of the trip.


    • Bea Mackay-
      May 11, 2014 at 1:54 pm

      When I look at the photo of this blog I remember that this is when we connected. During our guide’s talk you came up to me and we started talking. Being with you on that trip made it so much better. I appreciate you’re friendliness. B