Mexico Part 5: Through the large metal gates to Fernandez’s ranch


After more milling around and warnings not to take pictures of his house or go near it, the big gates open and we start down the beautiful cobbled stone road to his place.  The whole area is beautifully manicured and obviously well-maintain.  Good Canadian that I am, I stay clear of his home ( grab only one quick photo) and explore the walled- off (low wall) pool area.  There are two peacocks strolling around a wired off area with chicks inside it.  Can you see them in the photo?  I wonder why they are fenced off from mama peacock (to keep them all from wandering off?). Then I go into the stables.

I grew up on a farm so the barn is a familiar place for me.  Our barn housed cows and horses and was not kept nearly as well as these stables.  I noticed that the horses were tether so close to the walls that they could not move around the stall.  This puzzled me.  I have a deep concern for animals.  So I searched out Gloria and asked her about it.  It took a little bit for her to figure out what I was asking, but she got it.  She told me the horse are tethered like that when the stalls are being cleaned out. The horses are let loose in the stall once it’s cleaned.  My concern alleviated,  I wandered over to the paddock where cowboys ( is that the right terms these days? I have trouble keeping up.) are training horses for the rodeo. The paddock is covered, spacious and like the rest of the farm, very well-maintained.  Gloria informs me that the main function of the stables are for horse sales, training for rodeos and providing horses for movies.

We head back to the bus.  At the gates, before we leave, there is thanks paid to staff of the ranch for their help with the tour. Of course the hat is passed to invite tips.  It’s all in Spanish so I approach the woman who translated for me before and she translates again for me.  We introduce ourselves.  Her name is Adrianna.  she was born in Argentina and has been working for a large USA company for 37 years.

A friendship begins.

With care and concern,

Dr. Bea


  1. Adriana Araujo-
    August 4, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    Dear Bea: thank you so much for this wonderful recount. It was really a pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed every single minute of our time together!

    • Bea Mackay-
      May 11, 2014 at 1:55 pm

      Me too! B