Mexico Part 3: Oooops. I’m on the wrong bus!



Today, (Wednesday, July 17/13) another good day for touring.  Yesterday, I’d talked to Thomas, one of the two English speaking porters, about the tour and put a deposit on a tour of Chapala. After breakfast,  I put my valuables in the caja de seguidad and waited for the tour bus to pick us up.
When I go to get on the bus I realized I’d grabbed the wrong ticket. I had the ticket from the tour the day before.  Thomas told the driver I’d paid a deposit and I got on the bus.  I assumed I was on the right bus because Thomas knew I wanted to go to Chapala.

On the two monitors in the bus, a video of Vicente Fernández, the famous 74 year old Mexican singer, was showing.  As we traveled along, the tour guide discovered I was the only Gringo (Ooops.  Perhaps it’s not politically correct for me to use that term) on the bus.  She said her English was not so good, but after a couple of Tequilas it might get better and perhaps after a couple of tequilas my Spanish might get better.  That’s when I realized I was on the wrong bus. This bus was going to one of the places that makes Tequila.  Because Thomas knew i wanted to go to Chapala, I assumed he put me on the right bus. (Note to self: in the future, Check out assumptions, double check out assumptions.) Also, it would have helped if I’d had my correct ticket.

I told her I was going to Chapala.  “That’s a problem”, she said and turned to the driver.  Several turns later we met up with another bus.  I was transferred over to the other bus.  A couple from that bus were transferred over to the Tequila bus.  Somebody else got on the wrong bus or maybe just changed their minds and decided they needed some tequila.  I didn’t feel so bad.

So relieved, I now was on the tour I wanted to be on.  The problem was solved.  Nobody is upset. everyone is happy. This is Mexico.

With care and concern,

Dr. Bea

(Yes that is a photo of the wrong bus (it’s actually a Vancouver bus), but I didn’t think to take a photo of the Tequila Bus)


  1. Adriana Araujo-
    July 28, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    Nice explanation of events. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog. I was initially in the right bus going to Chapala; however, it was full… there was really not place for me to sit down except the very uncomfortable, little co-pilot chair in the front of the bus. Now I understand that our meeting was not coincidence but meant to be. Causality, not coincidence!! Another big coincidence??. I was not attracted either to visit Tequila. That´s what made me decide to chose Chapala and Ajijic.

    • Bea Mackay-
      May 11, 2014 at 2:00 pm

      You helped me so much because I don’t speak Spanish. You told me things and explained things to me that I would never have heard. You also translated what the tour guide said and explained the jokes. B