The Power of Connection

In life, there are many things we cannot control, leaving us feeling powerless and defeated. However, what you can control is how you deal with your emotions. In The Power of Connection, psychologist Dr. Bea Mackay explores mental health by teaching you how to process your emotions in your day-to-day life. To process any unpleasant/intense emotion—whether it be fear or stress—the key is to breathe through the sensations of the emotion. Breathing will allow you to synthesize logical thinking and sensory experience, creating new neural pathways, which precipitate new/different sensations that are pleasant, healing, and calming.

A balance of analysis and real-life stories, The Power of Connection is the perfect resource for anyone motivated to deal with their emotions during turbulent times, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Mackay also teaches you how to cope with your current stressful situation or any past trauma. Through this book’s exercises, you will change the way you approach your mental health by learning all about your emotional functioning. In the end, you will live a better, healthier, and fuller life when you reconnect with your emotions and yourself.

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Two-You Work: How to work with the Self in Conflict


This book is intended to provide an aggregation of the lessons and insight gained from Bea Mackay’s years of first-hand experience working as a Psychologist in private practice. It outlines her refinement of a Gestalt based technique for counselling therapy called Two-You Work with its strong practical application for helping patients resolve inner conflict and minimizing negative self-regard.

New therapists in training, as well as established counsellors, will find the material to be an engaging and enjoyable read; a mix of theoretical discussion backed by many first-hand examples and vignettes make for a flowing narrative experience.

Two-You Work is now available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon:

“The training of Gestalt therapists has received little attention in the literature, and so it is a great delight to read Bea Mackay’s [Two-You Work], which guides the therapist in a profoundly simple way in bridging the complex articulation of theory to that which is a ‘lived wisdom’ of being with clients.”

– Brian O’Neill, Director, Illawarra Gestalt Centre, Australia, Past President of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy AAGT.