Two-You Work: How to work with the Self in Conflict

TwoYou_Book2This book is intended to provide an aggregation of the lessons and insight gained from Bea Mackay’s years of first-hand experience working as a Psychologist in private practice. It outlines her refinement of a Gestalt based technique for counselling therapy called Two-You Work with its strong practical application for helping patients resolve inner conflict and minimizing negative self-regard.

New therapists in training, as well as established counsellors, will find the material to be an engaging and enjoyable read; a mix of theoretical discussion backed by many first-hand examples and vignettes make for a flowing narrative experience.

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“The training of Gestalt therapists has received little attention in the literature, and so it is a great delight to read Bea Mackay’s [Two-You Work], which guides the therapist in a profoundly simple way in bridging the complex articulation of theory to that which is a ‘lived wisdom’ of being with clients.”

– Brian O’Neill, Director, Illawarra Gestalt Centre, Australia, Past President of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy AAGT.