Let Go of the Outcome


About the Book:

In life, there are many things we cannot control, leaving us feeling powerless and defeated. However, what you can control is how you deal with your emotions. In Let Go of the Outcome and Let Things Fall Together, psychologist Dr. Bea Mackay explores mental health by teaching you how to process your emotions in your day-to-day life. To process any unpleasant /intense emotion—whether it be fear or stress—the key is to breathe through the sensations of emotion. Breathing will allow you to synthesize logical thinking and sensory experience, creating new neural pathways, which precipitate new/different sensations that are pleasant, healing, and calming.
Let Go of the Outcome and Let Things Fall Together by Bea Mackay

A balance of analysis and real-life stories, Let Go of the Outcome and Let Things Fall Together is the perfect resource for anyone motivated to deal with their emotions. Through this book’s exercises, you will change how you approach your mental health by learning all about your emotional functioning. In the end, you will live a better, healthier, and fuller life when you reconnect with your emotions and yourself.




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What people are saying about Let Go of the Outcome and Let Things Fall Together:


“An easy read with very practical approaches to untangle the anxious mind. Exercises and prompts solidify the learning. A must-read for all for good mental health.”

—May Kazem, M.D.


“Let Go of the Outcome but don’t let go of this book. What a wonderfully written book. It gave me insight into both the way our minds work and the role our sensations play. Through the author’s personal reflections, client stories, and exercises I found each chapter opened a door to another aspect of behaviour and awareness. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to better understand themselves or others. ”

— Cookie Boyle, Author 


“This book is one of a kind in the sense that it simplifies all the challenging concepts of psychology and makes it accessible to anyone at any level. It is beautifully and clearly written and organized. The pictures and key take-home points are all you need to make a change with a huge positive impact on your life. A privilege to read. Thank you for sharing your experience with the world Bea.”

—Iren Tavakoli, M.D.


“This book was highly readable and easy to understand for the layman. The extensive use of diagrams and exercises clarifies points. The frequent use of photos helps keep the book fresh and makes it easy to focus on the material. I like the emphasis on the brain’s ability to adapt—and the explanation about how being grateful naturally leads to more happiness, less negativity, and better self-esteem. Good work!”

—Arlene Renney, R.N.


“One day, while thanking Bea for sharing her knowledge and methods at a workshop she presented to our ‘Joan of Arc‘ discussion group, Bea voiced her desire to write a book to share her knowledge of psychology with people outside her clinical setting and wished she had the time. When I offered to be her scribe our ’book mornings’ began. Each week  I shared her dream more.

We shared the hope that an understanding of brain function + counseling scenarios + memorable illustrations could = an understanding of the effect emotions have on our lives and how we can process them to enrich our quality of life.

Over the next year Bea’s knowledge and, I like to think, some of my questions and suggestions for lay reader understanding, provided a logical sequence and presentation for you, the Reader. I’m pleased that Bea’s goal has been realized and that you have this book in your hands. I wish you and your circles of influence a full life of letting things fall together.”

—Louise Corrall


“Dr. Mackay’s new book makes the theory and practice of emotion processing very accessible for a large audience with varied needs and quests. The case studies, practical steps to follow, meaningful visuals, and paths to go further provide a holistic reading experience. Whether one opts to scan images, read from beginning to end, or focus on a particular chapter, everyone will benefit from this piece of wisdom. A fantastic and powerful tool for therapists and their clients alike.”

—Hélène Morizur, Psychologist and Artist


“As I went from one page to another I felt like I got to know the author on a very intimate level. Dr. Bea Mackay introduces us to complex notions and then shares stories from her personal life and from her practice to illustrate everything. My favourite part of the book is that each chapter ends with practical guidance on how to help yourself and those around you.”

—Konstantin Melkov, Bookkeeper


” A must-read and a book to keep for reference.  I found Dr. Bea Mackay’s book an easy read with great illustrations and examples to clarify various points.  Personally, it gave a lot of food for thought on how to deal with my own emotions when they arise.”